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Oklahoma Dementia and Alzheimer’s Memory Care Services. You are not Alone.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care in Oklahoma

Deer Creek Healthcare is here to provide compassionate, high-quality memory care at one of our great Oklahoma long term care and rehabilitation facilities.

How Deer Creek Healthcare Can Help With Memory Care

Our caregivers are trained in Alzheimer's disease and dementia care and are also trained to implement our unique care-giving system. With our system of care, the Alzheimer's disease and dementia care provider will get to know the senior on a personal level, learning about likes, dislikes and even past events in the senior's life. While developing a relationship with the senior, the caregiver can plan activities that could help the senior simulate mental or physical activities that have been shown to create more lucid thought. The senior and care provider can listen to music together from the senior's favorite era, read an old favorite book or even do memory exercises like looking through family photos or discussing current events.

Our team is passionate about providing the very best for Residents living with memory loss.  We actively partner with your family to build a highly individualized service plan.  Our staff is fully trained to connect with Residents and keep them calm during stressful moments.  We provide a holistic approach to programming to create, maintain and strengthen our Resident’s connection with time, routine and the people around them.

We will treat you, or your loved one with dignity and respect while they are in our care. At Deer Creek Healthcare, we have dedicated, secure Dementia units with unique activities, therapies, and care to enhance residents lives.

Our goal is to provide each resident with the opportunity to participate in an activity which represents their needs, preferences and adaptations to their abilities. We use a holistic approach with our residents, providing activities on all levels including:






Our Residents are our Family.

At our dedicated memory care centers, we provide individuals who need skilled nursing the latest and best in dementia care services. We offer private rooms which you and your loved one can personalize to help feel at home and safe. Our lovely spaces, with secure outdoor areas, allows each resident to feel in control in a secure setting. Our team is trained to understand each resident as an individual instead of a diagnosis.

30 Memory Care Rooms
15 On Staff Dementia Team
3 Memory Care Facilities
160 + Experienced Team Members

Not Just Memory Care

Alzheimer's disease is a type of dementia, but not all dementias are Alzheimer's disease. If your loved one has been diagnosed with dementia, vascular dementia, sudden-onset dementia, Lewy Body Disease (dementia with Lewy bodies) or any other type of cognitive impairment, we can help.

Dementia Care Services

A few of the benefits of our professional dementia care:

  • Caregiving just when you need it. In the early stages of dementia, people may only need wake-up or tuck-in services. As the disease progresses, we will work with you to expand care to meet your loved one’s need and budget.
  • Respite. Dementia can take a toll on family caregivers. Our professional team members will provide compassionate care to your loved one while you take some much-needed time for yourself. Schedule one day a week off for yourself, or take a weekend getaway to refresh and recharge your energy. Meanwhile, you can be assured your loved one is secure and well cared-for.
  • An expert knowledge base at your disposal. As your family member’s dementia progresses, you may have a lot of questions about what is normal behavior. Our caregivers can share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you to ease your mind.
We understand the difficulties our residents face with limited mobility, memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia, or medical issues that require regular attention. Our staff are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to provide trained and dignified assistance with walking, dressing, grooming, medication needs, and expert care. In the event of an emergency, top medical care is a phone call away.

Memory care is the term for a long-term care option for patients who have been diagnosed with such conditions or have problems with at least two areas of daily living. A memory care environment is designed for persons with a level of impairment making it unsafe for him or her to continue to stay at home, but who does not require the intensive care of a skilled nursing facility. Memory care allows a person experiencing memory loss to maintain a level of independence while relying on the safety and security of being in a residential facility with a professional staff.

At Deer Creek Healthcare, we offer more than just a residence, we help you find a place to call home. Our network includes world class facilities, with generous amenities and a host of well-planned activities. We are with you every step of the way to find the best living arrangement for yourself or your family member.

What Is Memory Care?

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