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About Deer Creek Healthcare Services

Enhancing Care. One Resident At A Time.

We're Here For You Through Compassionate Care.

Unsurpassed Oklahoma medical care with you, or your loved one, in mind.

Our Mission

At Deer Creek Healthcare, we're all family; we take care of each resident as if they are our own by providing quality care in a warm, home-like setting.

Our mission permeates every aspect of our senior care, from home-style meals to individualized care plans. Our team of professionals is renowned for providing outstanding, round-the-clock care, and will do everything possible for the comfort of you, or your loved one.

Deer Creek Health Care is a community of individuals who live and work together. The relationships between the people we serve and our experienced care professionals create a family-like environment where people can comfortably reside for their stay.

These relationships are a way of being with one another that honors the individual while providing compassionate health care services.

Don’t just take our word for it. Visit one of our conveniently located facilities to see why a Deer Creek Managed Community is the place for you, or your loved one – whether the stay is long, or short.

Top Rated Oklahoma Long Term Care

Three Facilities Conveniently Located

On Staff Nursing Coverage 24/7

Comfortable Rooms and Amenities

Plenty of Activities and More

Our Promise Is Quality Care.

45 + Years of Service
3 Oklahoma Facilities To Serve
347 Communities Served
160 + Experienced Team Members

Why We Are Different

We provide individualized care through our network of specialized staff, capabilities and facilities.

Deer Creek Health Care Services - Company Profile

Deer Creek Healthcare Services is a one of a kind provider of long term care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation care services. Our centers offer many specialized services developed especially for patients that are recovering from a recent hospitalization. We provide quality services by helping others to succeed, by seeing opportunities to improve and by having the courage to move forward focusing on success. This focus on outcomes reduces hospitalizations and insures that our patients will receive optimal progress in their goals.  This dedication fosters an environment in our skilled nursing facilities that respects individuality and choice. It is at the core to our patient centered approach to care.

We recognize that every patient is different and every recovery is different. Our comprehensive rehabilitation and long-term care programs give residents access to the experience and expertise of our dedicated physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, dietitians and social workers, who are specifically trained in individualized care management.

Our Company History

We have a legacy built upon quality healthcare solutions.




  1. Started in 1992

    Deer Creek Healthcare began in 1992 with a group of friends and medical professionals.

  2. Pharmcare founded in 1993

    Deer Creek Healthcare started Pharmcare, Inc. in 1993 to help provide the surrounding area with quality pharmacy and medication management services.

  3. Deer Creek Network Expanded

    Our reach became nationwide utilizing our network of providers across the U.S.

  4. Maple Lawn Nursing & Rehab Added

    Maple Lawn Nursing and Rehabilitation was added as a part of the Deer Creek Healthcare Network of Provider Facilities.

  5. Binger Nursing and Rehabilitation Added

    Binger Nursing and Rehabilitation was added as a part of the Deer Creek Network of Partner Facilities.

  6. Checotah Nursing and Rehabilitation was added

    Checotah Nursing and Rehabilitation was added as a part of the Deer Creek Healthcare network of facilities and providers.

Our Healthcare Services

We provide top level senior care and rehabilitation services at all of our facilities.

Let us help you get to where  you need to be.


1. Speak With One Of Our Team Members

The first step is to get in touch with our team and we will help you.

2. Schedule An Appointment

We can help you schedule an appointment virtually, or in person to view our facilities and answer any questions you have.

3. Meet With Our Admissions Team

Once we have your information and your appointment is scheduled. You will meet with our admissions team to determine the best course of care.

4. Move In Day

Our team can help you and/or your family members get to our facilities and move in while ensuring everything gets where it needs to be.

Our Oklahoma Nursing & Rehab Facilities

We believe you deserve quality care and support that's tailored to you and your family. We have three locations in Oklahoma to serve you best. Whether your stay is temporary, or permanent - we can accommodate you, or your family member's needs.

Enhancing quality care, one resident at a

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    Frequently Asked Questions - Let us help you get to where you need to be!

    What is a skilled nursing facility?

    • Generally speaking, a skilled nursing facility is a clinical care provider of 24-hour licensed nursing. A “SNF”, as they are often referred to, is primarily engaged in providing services for residents who require medical or nursing care and/or therapy services for the rehabilitation of injured, disabled, or sick persons. Care typically includes: rehabilitation, intravenous therapy, post-surgical stabilization, pulmonary management, and wound care. Additionally, facilities provide assistance with administration of medications, and aid in a variety of daily living needs, including dressing, bathing, walking and eating.

    How do I know if I qualify for Medicare or Medicaid?

    • Medicare is a federal health insurance program. It typically covers some expenses related to a stay in a skilled nursing facility, but only after an inpatient hospital stay covering a period of “three midnights” and only for a related illness or injury. Generally, you may be eligible for Medicare if you or your spouse has paid into Social Security for at least 10 years.Additionally, you must be:
      • Age 65 or older and receiving social security retirement benefits,
      • Under age 65 with certain disabilities and have received social security disability benefits for 24 months,
      • Or be any age but diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease

      Talk to a social worker at your hospital or visit for more information on eligibility requirements and to find out what services Medicare covers for skilled nursing facility stays. Medicaid is a federally-supported, state-operated health care assistance program that pays for health care services.

      Who is eligible?

      • Certain individuals or families with substantially low incomes, who may have no medical insurance or inadequate medical insurance.
      • Generally, eligibility is based on extreme financial need and medical necessity.

      Speak to a social worker at the hospital or visit to learn more about eligibility and the criteria specific to each. Because each state operates its own Medicaid program, eligibility requirements and coverage may vary from state to state.

      Also, to find Medicare and Medicaid-certified skilled nursing facilities, go to

    What should I bring with me to the facility?

      • First and foremost, bring all insurance and/or Medicare/Medicaid cards.
      • Provide any and all insurance coverage cards to the admissions representative at the facility.
      • Also, make sure to have drivers license and social security cards with you as they may be needed to complete the admission process.

      Also, bring items that will make your stay more restful and easier on you, such as:

      • Comfortable clothing, with your name clearly written on the label. Bring enough clothing for at least 7-10 days.
      • A pair of non-skid, supportive shoes and socks
      • Pajamas/robe
      • Toothbrush/toothpaste, denture cups
      • Comb, brush, personal lotions, deodorant and other essential toiletries
      • Hearing aide, eyeglasses and eyeglass case
      • Reading materials, family photos
      • Radio

    How do I know when I, or a loved one, is ready to move into a nursing home?

      • Look for some of the following signs to guide you as to whether you or a loved one needs help:
      • Requiring daily assistance with eating, dressing, bathing or using the toilet.
      • Forgetting to take medications or perhaps taking too many
      • Behaving in ways that could be harmful (to yourself or to others)
      • Wandering away from home or frequent signs of memory loss

      If you find you or a family member need help, here are some options, one of which may suit your specific situation:

      • Find the right skilled nursing facility if you or a loved one has suffered an illness or injury and requires rehabilitation and continuous medical care, whether for the short or long-term. And, keep in mind that unfortunately there may be certain medical conditions that cause continued decline, regardless of the clinical solutions available.
      • Move into an assisted living community which offers assistance in the areas of housekeeping services, provision of meals and personal care.
      • Continue to live at home after recovering from an injury or illness, but bring in additional assistance such as home care professionals and/or utilize community services (Meals on Wheels, for instance).

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